Spring Photos




Spring Photos will be take at the school on Thursday and Friday. Grade k-3 will take place on Thursday, and grades 4-6 will take place on Friday. Any information for ordering the photos should have been sent home already. If you have any questions please contact the office.


Janeway Telethon Fundraiser







Mme. Hammond’s class was so inspired by having the Janeway Telethon kick off at our school that they decided to have their own class fundraiser for this great cause. They have some talented knitters in the class so they have been knitting away the last few weeks to prepare hats, headbands and scarves to sell. They will also be selling rainbow loom figures and friendship bracelets as well as tickets on an Easter baskets (one for a boy and girl) for $1.00. They will be set up in the office lobby all next week and the students will be visiting classes during recess and lunch to sell tickets on the Easter Baskets.

Thanks for your support!

Mme. Hammond’s Grade 6 Class

Contents of Basket


Kinderstart this Friday

Kinderstart takes place this Friday. As a result there will be no regular kindergarten classes for students. Instead Kinderstart students will proceed to their classrooms and parents will go to the library for an information session.

School Climate Survey

The School Climate Surveys provide valuable information to schools, districts, and the provincial government about topics such as quality of education, student learning opportunities, school safety, and bullying and harassment. The success of this opportunity depends very much on the survey response rates – low response rates mean high potential for bias in the data. This opportunity to gather valuable school-level information for strategic decision-making becomes lost if response rates are low.

Please use the link below to fill out the survey.

School Climate Survey