Provincial Team Chess Championship Results

The Provincial Team Chess Championship was held on Saturday, April 28 at MQP school.

The MQP Primary Chess Team won the gold team medal for the second year in a row.

The team consisted of 8 players.

Ranjeevan I Grade 3

Ava G Grade 3

Alex P Grade 2

Feiicity F Grade 2

Isaac P Grade 2

James I Grade 2

Norman C Grade 2

Sarah-Grace L Kindergarten

Notable performances in the primary group included Sarah-Grace L being the youngest in the competition, Norman C winning the individual bronze medal for the primary section, Isaac P finishing tied for third in the individual competition and James I winning 3 games and drawing one in his first tournament.

The MQP Elementary Team won a silver medal.

The team consisted of 5 players.

Spenser D Grade 6

Connor K Grade 5

Nicholas C Grade 5

Serena P Grade 5

Ridhi M Grade 4

Notable performances include

Nicholas C winning the individual gold medal in a series of playoff matches and Connor Knight and Ridhi Mittal each winning 3 games.