Our grade 6 boys’ basketball team will be hosting a tournament at the school May 24-26. We will be raising funds to purchase new glass backboards for the school gym. We will be selling tickets on a “Kids’ Gift Basket” to support this fundraiser. The basket will be drawn for at the end of the tournament. Tickets are $2.00 each and three for $5.00. The team will also be going class to class at recess and lunch on Friday, May 25. Students who wish to purchase tickets can do so on this date.

The basket includes:
• Basketball Pro Mini Hoop, • Empire Theatres gift card, • ITunes gift card, • Booster Juice gift card, • Tim Horton’s gift card, Chapters Gift Card, • Squeeze Gatorade bottle, • 2 Gatorade drinks, • Frisbee, • Sidewalk chalk, • Bubbles Mix, • Jumping rope, • Chocolate -coated pretzels, • Pringles potato chips, • Sour patch kids candy, • Swedish berries, • Smarties, • Skittles, • Twizzlers, • Assorted chocolate Bars, • Popcorn, • Bubble gum, • Lindor Chocolate

Thank you in advance for your support.
Grade Six Boys’ Basketball Team

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