School Climate Parent Survey

Parents of grades 2 and 5 students please note the following:

We have been asked by the Department of Education to remind the parents of
our grades 2 and 5 students to complete the  Parent/Guardian School
Climate Survey. Information regarding this  survey was posted in an
earlier newsletter and a detailed memo was send to all grades 2 and 5
parents a couple of weeks ago.

According to the Department our  school’s  parent/guardian response rate
for the Parent/Guardian School Climate Survey is  18.27%. Due to this low
response rate they are extending the deadline to complete the survey to
Friday, March 22, 2013.  They kindly ask for completion of the survey by
the parents/guardians of all students  in grades 2 and 5.   This survey
will help provide valuable information for our school, our district, and
the province.  Parents can access the survey by going online to:

School Climate Parent Survey

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