Rainbow for Roxanne

Dear Parents and Guardians,
As you are aware, École Mary Queen of Peace lost a special teacher on May 4th Ms. Roxanne Howse was a positive force both for her students and for her colleagues.  In honour of Ms. Howse, we would like to create a Rainbow for Roxanne.  Rainbows are symbols of diversity, hope and inclusiveness, all things that Ms. Howse stood for and embodied.  We would like to gather all of the students, teachers and staff of Mary Queen of Peace on the school grounds to create a Rainbow for Roxanne and have a photo taken of it to display in the school. Please do not purchase clothing (eg. t-shirt) for this event. Students can wear anything to represent their colour (hat, ribbons, streamers wrapping up their arms…).  We will be taking the photo on  Friday, May 24 (day 3), at 1:45 in the afternoon.  The photo will be displayed in our school and will be of the entire school population from afar so students will not be identifiable. If you would prefer that your child not be in the photo, please let your child’s teacher know.
Here are the assigned colours:
K – red
1 – orange
2 – yellow
3 – green
4 – blue (light blue)
5 – indigo (dark blue)
6 – violet (purple)
Thank you for helping the students make a good effort to dress in their gradelevel colour and helping to create a beautiful Rainbow for Roxanne.
If you have any questions, please let your child’s teacher know.
The Staff of MQP
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