School Reopening Procedures September 2013

School will reopen for students on Wednesday, September 4. This will be a full day (8:20am.-2:30pm.) for students in grades 1-6. Upon arrival at school, students who were with us in previous years will go to last year’s homerooms. From there, this year’s teachers will pick them up and bring them to their new classrooms.

Students who are new to École Mary Queen of Peace this September should arrive at the school between 9:00 am.-9:30 am. on Wednesday, September 4. Upon arrival, please check in at the main office before proceeding to the Library. After all returning students are moved to this year’s classrooms, the administration will bring the new students to their classroom to meet their teachers. Parents of new students are welcome to stay with the students until they are safely transitioned into the hands of our capable staff.

Kindergarten students will start on Thursday, September 5. For additional details, please see Information for Kindergarten Students 2013-2014 posted on this website. in accordance with the schedule mailed out recently.

Please note the following:
Buses, for eligible students, will begin the regular daily runs for students in grades 1-6 on Wednesday, September 4.

Cafeteria service will commence on Monday, September 9.

The Grade Level Supply Lists for 2013-2014 are posted on the website for the families who opted out of the Dicks Basics back to School Program.

Thank You

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