Literacy Week

Next week at Mary Queen of Peace is Literacy Week! There are many activities planned, including a travelling story, Poem on the Door day and a booknic!

Another activity that will be happening is a BookSwap! We are asking that the students look on their bookshelves at home and choose one or two books that they have read, but no longer need (no more than two, please). Our BookSwap will allow each child to go home with a book of their choice that they have not yet read. The book that the child brings in can be in French or in English. Please try to send in books that are approximately at your child’s reading level, so that every student can select an appropriate book for his or her own reading level.

When the child brings in the book from home, he or she will receive a ticket from his or her classroom teacher. The child will write his or her name on it and their classroom number and place it in a bin during their class BookSwap session. Once all the classes have visited the BookSwap, there will be some prize draws!

We are hoping that every student will be able to go home with a new-to-them book next week!

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.  Kind regards,

MQP Literacy Week committee