MQP App!

The Mary Queen of Peace app will allow you to easily access information about the school by using a simple app. The app also enables to the school to send important updates directly to your phone in case of sudden closures or emergencies.

To get the Mary Queen of Peace Mobile app you can visit either the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, or the Amazon Fire Store and search for “MQP Mary Queen of Peace”.  The developer is listed under the title of the app is Pull Apps Inc and the icon should be the MQP Crest. Or you can look for the links on the Mary Queen of Peace website.

During the app install process please ensure that you enable notifications. If you do not enable notifications the app will not be able to send any messages to your phone.

Once installed the app is easy to navigate. The newsletter section lets you see the most recent newsletter, and messages will show you any messages that the school has sent. The 3 bars on the bottom right will send you to the rest of the options which includes links to teacher’s websites as well direct email links.

Amazon App Store Link

Apple App Store Link

Google Play Store Link