Cafeteria Service Ends

food tray by Creative Stall from the Noun ProjectFriday, June 22nd is the last day for cafeteria service for this school year. For the last week of school, June 25th-June 28th, students will need to bring all of their own food.

Fun Day This Week!

Fun Day for K-3 Students will be happening on Tuesday at the Techniplex. For students in Grades 4-6 will have their Fun Day on Wednesday at the Techniplex as well.

Make sure students have plenty of water and bring their lunch with them as well.

Overdue Book Notices being sent home (Don’t Panic!)


Mr. Walter has generated overdue notices for books from the library. Please check the note, and see if the book is at home, or if it can be found at school. If you can’t find it, or believe that book has already been returned to the library (sometimes students put them back on the shelves and they don’t get checked back in!) please email Mr. Walter so that he can either note that the book is missing, or that is within the library somewhere and just needs to be found.

Thanks for your help!

Great Results from Trackfest!

Mary Queen of Peace had a great time at Trackfest this weekend! Take a look at the results below. Thanks to Mr. Fewer and Ms. Walsh for making it such a successful event.

Grade 4 Girls:
Isabella Murrin : 50 Meters 3rd, 300 meters 10th
Molly Arnold: 50 meters 10th
Charlotte Caines: 50 meter Hurdles – 8th
Athiei Achiek : 300 meters – 1st, Standing Long Jump – 2nd, Overhead Throw – 1st
Jenna McNeil : 150 meters – 7th
Grade 4 Boys: 

Jack Warren: 50 meters – 3rd , 150 meters – 4th
Liam Dillon : 50 meter Hurdles – 6th Standing Long Jump 10th
Dominic Winter: 150 meters – 5th 300 meters – 8th
Andrea Pepe : 150 meters – 10th

Grade 4 boys relay – 2nd place (Parker Kennedy, Thomas Winsor, Andrea Pepe, Dominic Winter)
Grade 5& 6 Girls:
Anna Scott – 60meters – 10th  200m- 6th
Lauren Ash – 200 meters 9th, Standing Long Jump 1st (tied)
Maggie Murphy – 600meters 7th
Lucy Evans – Standing Long Jump 1st (tied)
Kaitlyn Crawley – Standing Long Jump 4th 
Grade 5 & 6 Boys
Matt Butler – 60 meter – 5th  200 meters 8th
Scott Kirby – 60 meter – 6th 
Sawyer LeBlanc – 600meters 3rd
Justin Crawley – Standing Long Jump 10th
Jackson Pardy – Overhead throw 7th

June 11th Band Concert Information

The end of the school year is fast approaching and the students have been working very hard to prepare a wonderful Spring Concert. The concert will take place on Monday, June 11th at 7:00 in the school gymnasium and will feature performances by the Grade 5 Beginning Band and the Grade 6 Advanced Band.

Tickets for the concert will go on sale beginning Wednesday, June 6th at a cost of $5.00 each. Tickets will be limited to three per family. These tickets will be reserved until 9:00 am on Friday, June 8th. To purchase tickets, please have the correct amount of money in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and concert tickets written on the outside. Students are asked to give this envelope to their homeroom teacher and the tickets will be sent home. All remaining tickets will be available for general sale from the school office on Friday, June 8th after lunch.

All performers are to arrive at the school on concert night between 6:30 and 6:40 pm. There will be no supervision before this time, so please make sure students do not arrive early. All students are asked to use the student entrance. The Grade 5 band students will meet in the band room and the Grade 6 band students will meet in the music room.

All band students are asked to wear white shirt and dark pants or skirt and dark shoes. Students are also reminded to have their instruments, band books and music.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the year. Please feel free to contact me at the email address below if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you at the concert.

K. Sullivan

Alice In Wonderland JR. Thank You

Thanks to Everyone who helped make Alice in Wonderland JR a huge success. The cast had a great show and appreciated everyone’s support in helping making the production a reality.

-Ms. Marshall


June Newsletter

The June Newsletter is here! And it is June! Wow! What a year!

Check the newsletter to see what is happening in this busy month.

  • June 19th – Sports Day K-3
  • June 20th – Sports Day 4-6
  • June 11th – Band Concert
  • June 15th – Kindergarten Celebration
  • June 26th – Gr. 6 Leaving Ceremony

Plus MORE!

MQP Newsletter June, 2018