The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at École Mary Queen of Peace School is a group of parents who support activities throughout the school year, in association with the school. These activities include outings, the Grade 6 school leaving ceremony, Teacher Appreciation Week and monthly ice cream sales. They also organize one major fundraiser a year which is held on the day of term one parent-teacher interviews. This fundraiser depends on parent volunteers to donate items such as baked goods and items to be put up on tickets in gift baskets. The PTA has been and continues to be successful thanks to the parent volunteers that volunteer their time and efforts to make MQP a great school!

The PTA members are:

Alicia Angel, Katrina Arbuckle, Michelle Barron, Tanya Bonnell, Christine Caines, Jean-Louise Coonan, Heather Evans, Susan Gover, Karen Healey, Allison Kirkland, Susan Luscombe, Renee Murphy-Turner, Mary Oates, Jennifer O’Leary, Jennifer Ring, Mykila Sherren, Andrea Watkins, Trina Walsh Slaney, Kim Winter.  Teacher representative: Erin Dawe